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The Kent Lapp Podcast

Jun 23, 2020

Travis's role at the TN Attorney General's Office, the form and function of government, the importance of involvement in local politics, the current political turmoil, the movie "Just Mercy" and a whole bunch more. 


Travis Brown's Bio:

Travis was born in Augusta, Georgia and raised in the Gulf Coast city of Mobile, Alabama. His life has been a glorious mixture of suffering and blessing. Despite growing up in a Christian family, Travis's faith was a nominal afterthought. After being diagnosed with lymphoma as a junior in high school, the Lord took hold of Travis's heart. The Holy Spirit then ushered Travis into a Gospel-loving church, and used faithful and dear Christians to help him start his walk with God. After attending Spring Hill College, Travis served as a youth pastor at his church before moving to Nashville to attend law school at Belmont University College of Law. Travis and his wife,  Jaimee, have two daughters, Ruthie and Tess. He currently works for the Tennessee Attorney General's Office. Travis is a lifelong musician, bibliophile, and Red Sox fan. Travis can be reached at btbrown@protonmail, and can be followed on Twitter and Instagram at @trvsbrwn.


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