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The Kent Lapp Podcast

May 22, 2020

You will do whatever you think you are.  If you’re trying to be both, you’re neither.  You’re not choosing for life, you’re just choosing for now.  Being is greater than Doing.  A confused mind says no.  Why we never exceed the subconscious in our brain.  All this and much more. 
Chance's Bio:
As a Keynote Speaker and Clinician, Chance equips big dreamers to become high achievers, instilling in his audiences the truth that more isn’t just “possible”, it’s at our fingertips, waiting to be claimed. Beyond simply sharing inspiration and motivation, Chance is a catalyst, helping his audiences identify serious goals and practical strategies that get immediate results and foster the breakthrough they long for.
Leading with humor, heart and masterful storytelling, Chance’s fresh and authentic approach connects deeply in corporate and community settings alike – inspiring anyone within earshot to reach beyond what is to take hold of what could be. Individuals gain a massive sense of purpose and clarity for the road ahead. Corporations gain inspired employees, fully-committed to excellence and the success of their team.
Through writing, speaking and coaching, Chance has challenged and equipped over a million people to step beyond the boundaries of their comfort zone. Heart-led and results-driven, his words abound with practical wisdom and effective action steps that obliterate obstacles and accelerate success.
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