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The Kent Lapp Podcast

May 19, 2020

Brad’s family history (largest slave owners in Williamson County TN), his personal story and why racial unity matters, what he teaches in his African American History class at Brentwood Academy, why he founded The Public with Anthony Hendricks in Franklin TN and the fruit they are seeing in those conversations, where he seeing hope for a brighter future together, and much more.



Brad Perry has been in Education for 24 years, he is currently a teacher at Brentwood Academy and has been for 22 years, where he has taught African American history for 17 years, Christian Dynamics for 20 years, is currently teaching a world history class. He is also the senior grade chair, middle school football coach, and head high school boys track coach.  Brad is married with 6 kids, and recently co-founded The Public, which seeks to give voice to a conversation on race.  


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