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The Kent Lapp Podcast

May 13, 2021

Kent talks with Philip Hardin about College, Family, and Youscience. The tool that helps you answer the question, “What do you want to be when you grow up”?
Philip is the co-founder, Chairman of the Board, and CFO of Youscience.  What is Youscience you ask?  Well, YouScience is the science of YOU – how your mind is wired, what makes you tick, the skills and knowledge that set you apart.  They operate on the premise that you have talent and there’s a path that’s right for you – and they can help you find it.  You can take their assessment online right now for $29 at
ABOUT the Kent Lapp Podcast: The KLP features conversations designed to spark change, bring hope, & help you navigate the tricky bits in life. We are particularly interested in exploring what folks who are successful in their field believe, are building, and enjoy.
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