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The Kent Lapp Podcast

Jan 22, 2021

Colleen Reidelbach talks with Kent about the social and political changes in Austin TX, the city's move to defund the police while using those funds for abortions, how she successfully navigates her full time career in tech while being a mom, her work at Acklen Avenue and much more. "What would you do if you knew you couldn't fail?"


Colleen is a diplomatic communicator, strategic thinker, and Arabic speaker with policy experience on state and federal levels and over two years of overseas experience.  She is the Vice President of Client Services at Acklen Avenue, successfully navigating her full time career in tech while parenting her two young children alongside her husband Adam. They live in Austin TX.  Colleen holds a Masters in Public Affairs from the University of Texas, Austin and a BA in Middle Eastern Studies from the University of Oklahoma, where her professor named Colleen "top 3% of all students he has taught in 18 years."  Colleen also had the unique experience of being a Speech Writing Intern at the White House in 2006. 
This podcast is brought to you by Sister India.  Sister India is a community where you and I can join together to bring hope and a new future to the women and girls of India. They actively work to get the word out about the oppression faced by females in India. They also fund a completely unique and powerful program that empowers the people of India to help the women and girls of their own country. For a minimal investment, you can change the life of a woman, her daughters, and her family for generations. Visit their website:​ 
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