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The Kent Lapp Podcast

Dec 8, 2020

Andrew McGarrity talks with Kent about raising venture capital, Bright Trip, traveling with kids and more. 


Andrew is the co-founder and CEO of BrightTrip.  He was also the founder and CEO of Thrivist, which he successfully sold to Ingram Content Group in 2017.  

He also has a background in International Relations. In the early 2000’s Andrew worked at the US Department of State and the White House where he facilitated Presidential Delegations to ceremonial events around the world and coordinated visits by Kings, Queens, Presidents and Prime Ministers to interesting places in the US like the White House, Camp David and the US President’s home.

Following these international experiences, Andrew has a hard time isaying no to travel. In fact, Andrew came up with the idea for Bright Trip while planning a trip to Africa. He struggled to find any credible video resources that taught him how to travel with kids to a place like Africa — and it was out of this experience that Bright Trip was born.  

Andrew has a BA in Political Science from The University of Memphis as well as a Masters in International Relations from the University of Cape Town.


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