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The Kent Lapp Podcast

Apr 22, 2020

Love and Science, big data, privacy, google optimization, digital strategy, geo-fencing for marketing, Pray for Our Land, reading the Bible in two months, liturgy, the beauty of Christ, and much more. 



Aimee Romero is the founder and CEO of Love and Science, a digital strategy boutique that specializes in strategy, advertising, optimization and data for clients of many sizes and industries, from neighborhood bars to international health care. Love and Science, a Google Premier Partner, bridges the gap between user intentions and business objectives by balancing emotional reactions with logical requirements. 


Aimee and her husband Jesse are devout believers and attend The Village Chapel in Nashville TN. Aimee and her family recently launched Pray For Our Land ( in an effort to draw people across our land into the hope and love of Christ through prayer.


Aimee and the Love and Science team have put together the following business help during this COVID-19 crisis:


They are also offering a FREE 30 minute consultation to all of our listeners, simply schedule using this link:


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