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The Kent Lapp Podcast

Mar 21, 2019

Brendan is a Nashville native who spent 18 years living in New Zealand as a student athlete. While there, Brendan earned a degree in Clothes Design, which opened opportunities for him to work in modeling and advertising. He regularly returned home to teach swimming with his mother, Carolyn. During his time in New Zealand, Brendan gained an appreciation for spiritual and cultural awareness. This fueled his passion for helping people and teaching children.

Brendan and his wife Wendy have been in the family business of teaching swimming for over 40 years and have trained over 40,000 kids. Their program has attracted the attention of celebrities, governors and people all across the United States. Though the training is intensive, it is effective and the kids always remain safe and loved on very well.

Their 40 years of experience has taught Brendan and Wendy a great deal about parenting and children, thus shaping their parenting and teaching philosophies. Tune into this episode as the Sweetman’s share their experiential knowledge on parenting and swimming.